Drama Llama Knitting Company produces handspun and Hand-dyed yarns, as well as knitting accessories and patterns.

Our dream: By moving towards selling yarn from local-ish, ethically sourced fiber, we hope you bring your sweater a little bit closer (figuratively speaking) to the sheep it came from. (Or alpaca, or goat, or bundle of flax!)

For those about to craft, we salute you.
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Black Friday Sale!

Use the code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off from now until Sunday at midnight!

Go to Drama Llama Knitting Company for handspun and hand-dyed yarn, as well as my new hand-woven pouches which double as a present and wrapping!

And happy month-late thanksgiving to you crazy Americans.

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Love weaving with Noro!

Viridis has a Taiyo Sock warp and a Kureyon weft.

Austen 2 on Flickr.


Inchworm on Flickr.

Kootenay on Flickr.

I have decided that I really really like weaving with Noro.

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More zippy little handwoven bags in the shop, and plenty more to come!


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mmm.. houndstoothy.

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Hope no one’s getting sick of my woven pouch posts…

Cause I was popping these babies out like the world was ending.


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Woven Rainbow! Plus, it’s raining on the inside :)

from Drama Llama

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Handwoven from handspun!

All sorts of pouches up now in the Drama Llama store.