Drama Llama Knitting Company produces handspun and Hand-dyed yarns, as well as knitting accessories and patterns.

Our dream: By moving towards selling yarn from local-ish, ethically sourced fiber, we hope you bring your sweater a little bit closer (figuratively speaking) to the sheep it came from. (Or alpaca, or goat, or bundle of flax!)

For those about to craft, we salute you.
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I think I just got drool on my desk. So pretty!

I think I just got drool on my desk. So pretty!

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TARDIS Alpaca Yarn 02 on Flickr.

Alpaca: It’s like a hug you can wear.

So, what kind of sock pattern goes great with Drama Llama’s “Soft Serve Sock”?

Here are some ideas, care of Ravelry. The best part? These patterns are free!


Sherbert Toe Socks

By: Louisa Sisson and Emma Haigh



By: Kate Blackburn


Spring Forward

By: Linda Welch


So if you’re into handknits for your feet that are colorful and sweet (but not sticky) consider rocking out the heat with some Soft Serve Sock yarn. (And, okay, maybe a little bit of the real stuff!)