Drama Llama Knitting Company produces handspun and Hand-dyed yarns, as well as knitting accessories and patterns.

Our dream: By moving towards selling yarn from local-ish, ethically sourced fiber, we hope you bring your sweater a little bit closer (figuratively speaking) to the sheep it came from. (Or alpaca, or goat, or bundle of flax!)

For those about to craft, we salute you.
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Today my room-mates put up this awesome mug-board. 

Collectively we have a ridiculously large mug collection - these are just the ones we aren’t worried about breaking. 

All the pottery mugs are hiding safely in the cupboard. 

Now our kitchen is as organized as my fiber studio! 

Pegboards everywhere!


Have you seen the ultimate yarn storage idea? I am so jealous. The minute I get a house or at least a two-bedroom apartment, I am going to start planning this sucker.

I got a pegboard for my sewing/knitting tools but I definitely never thought of this! Looks like I need a second pegboard.


A basket to hold my DPNs, made out of Pagewood Farm U-knitted Nations Swagger, super bulky. 

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to buy enough of those DPN tubes to have one for each set of needles, but kudos because that’s brilliant. (And an awesome basket!)

This set-up rocks! I wish I seemed this organized. This blog is really really cool. 

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Organization love. Technology + organic.

Well this would be covered in yarn pretty quick. 


Organization love. Technology + organic.

Well this would be covered in yarn pretty quick. 

Finally organized my workspace with this awesome pegboard!

It’s a great, inexpensive idea. I’m planning on writing up a little how-to about what we did. It involves paint chips @ Home Depot so you know it’s good! (And ultimately not that complicated)

Now I’m sitting back, watching TV and trying to finish some socks that have been on my needles forever (Also pictured) while Fiance reads on the couch. 

Happy Saturday!


A place to knit, fun!

Organizational envy. 

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I just finished cataloging all of my knitting needles/crochet hooks on Ravelry, which I was initially reluctant to do when I joined. 

Pros: Easy to figure out whether you have the needles you need.

Cons: Forces you to face the harsh reality that you have WAY too many knitting needles. 

maybe if i think organized thoughts, some day my workspace will be organized. 

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Office & Yarn Room (by sassenach)

I really and truly wish I had a whole room dedicated to my crafts. They have begun to encroach on my living room space…Just ask my boyfriend. 

Balls of yarn are everywhere in my living room, and some have made a home of the other side of my couch…

Basically, if I had a whole room for my crafts, my fabric wouldn’t be all over the place. 
And I could have epic cabinets to hold yarn and fabric :) 

Man, I think this sometimes, but then I remember that I live in a studio basement suite and I basically just have one room for everything. 

So… I guess what I’m saying is that it would be nice to have different rooms for different things. And some day I will! 

Also that yarn cabinet is glorious. 

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