Drama Llama Knitting Company produces handspun and Hand-dyed yarns, as well as knitting accessories and patterns.

Our dream: By moving towards selling yarn from local-ish, ethically sourced fiber, we hope you bring your sweater a little bit closer (figuratively speaking) to the sheep it came from. (Or alpaca, or goat, or bundle of flax!)

For those about to craft, we salute you.
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Iris, 2013

BFL dyed by my lovely friend Tina of Bittersweet Woolery. I bought the fiber at Rhinebeck 2012 and started spinning it right away. Something interrupted me so I finished it in 2013, then entered it into every competition I could manage. It’s a true 3ply and is about a DK weight. I have these two skeins plus three small ones of leftovers.


Handspun that will soon be knit into a shawl

Finally finished spinning up this roving from Moonrover. 

Can’t wait to weave it up! 

I finished this scarf a little while ago and it took me a bit of time to get these photos up because I’ve been busy prepping for ECCC

The warp is 50% Merino, 50% Australian Possum. It was really nice to work with and make a surprisingly strong warp for a single-ply yarn. The warm beige really lets the other colors pop. 

The main weft yarn was handspun from Kinfolk Yarn’s superwash merino roving. The colorway is “New Growth in the Zombie Apocalypse Victory Garden" which to be honest, I would have bought on the name alone. The range of colors in this top was gorgeous! It was really fun to play with the arrangement throughout the weft of the scarf, from the bright acid green to more subdued blues and browns. 

The tabs going up the side - created using the clasped weft method - are Sweet Fiber Yarns Sweet Merino Lite in “Envy”

So fun to use wool from two local dyers. If it weren’t for the Australian warp, this would be a very Vancouver scarf!  

New weaving project with handspun yarn from gorgeous Kinfolk Yarn roving. 

Fresh off the loom last night! Really really pleased with how this scarf turned out - the tension is exactly what I wanted and that’s something I am still figuring out. 


Pink, Red, Gold and Grey are Rock Lobster Polwarth dyed by Spun Right Round - Handspun and N-plied. 

Mint Green is “Linaria” Merino dyed by Greasemoth - Handspun and N-plied. 

Also used grey Cascade 220 between the handspun warp colors. 


Also Cascade 220 in light grey. 

Handspun warp. Very excited about this color combo!

New warp!

Crackin’ through my holiday elf work. 

Warp is handspun merino, dyed by Greasemoth. (Colorway is Snapdragon)

Weft is Cascade Eco 

Sneak preview of yarn going up in the shop soon.

Local Vancouver Island alpaca plied with Hand-dyed Punta wool. Amazing for scarves, mitts, hats, etc! 

This colorway is called Sweetgrass.