Drama Llama Knitting Company produces handspun and Hand-dyed yarns, as well as knitting accessories and patterns.

Our dream: By moving towards selling yarn from local-ish, ethically sourced fiber, we hope you bring your sweater a little bit closer (figuratively speaking) to the sheep it came from. (Or alpaca, or goat, or bundle of flax!)

For those about to craft, we salute you.
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the twins… (by emma lamb)

Many thanks to the artist who took the time from her busy schedule to answer my email when I asked if I could share her work here. I love everything about these pillows, all the way down to the adorable tags, wow. Loverly!

If any of my lovely followers have a pattern for something like this, I’d love to see it. I would really like to make a pillow like this for a Christmas gift.

 Me tooooo! I will reblog every time I see these! :P

Urge to make many pillows…rising…

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    Urge to make many pillows…rising…
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    Me tooooo! I will reblog every time I see these! :P
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    more pillows wearing sweaters.
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    I loooove the tags!!!
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    these are sweet
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    I love the embroidered tags on these pillows :)
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